Saturday, June 9, 2012

shopping : inspiration

My mom came up with an interesting idea today. I was going through my closet like I always do when moving back home, getting rid of old things, and came to the realization that while I have a closet I do not have a wardrobe. If you were to walk into my room and slide open the closet doors, you would have no idea what kind of style I have. It's not that I don't have a style - I do. It's that my past purchases are often spontaneous, never thinking about an outfit but the individual pieces instead, and so I've ended up with a hodge-podge of looks that don't make a cohesive statement.

I asked my mom if we could do some summer shopping, and gave me a notepad to make a list of some items. I felt scattered again because I wasn't sure where to start. That's when she said, "Make a mood board." 

I rejected that instantly.

Then thought about it. Why not? I save pictures on my laptop every day of outfits I love, girls I admire, looks I want to own or people I want to be like. They just sit around in overcrowded folders, waiting for me to open them again and use them as inspiration.

Here are the images I have been saving, and have finally pulled for ideas. It's fun to almost "recreate" yourself sometimes in a daydream, but even more fun to actually get to do it and make it happen. 

I admire Rumi so much for her perfectly culminated personal style. I love this dress - it's simple and elegant, and can be used for a variety of situations.

The pencil skirt. My closet is full of gathered printed floral skirts - I'm a little past that now. I'm dying for a bright red or blue pencil skirt to be worn with neutrals, prints, or other bright shades!

A silky short for evening. Great for layering under longer tops, or tucking in blouses for a summery look.

Simple, clean, bold colors.

Simple, draped dresses that speak for themselves in saturated hues.

Here's a shade I'd love to have as a pencil skirt - and I love the simple top.

So in essence, here is what I'm looking for:
  • Pencil skirts in bold shades 
  • Simple solid tanks
  • Silky shorts
  • Solid dresses (maxi and short)
  • Minimal, clean
  • Fully saturated colors
  • Possible prints (bold color prints, neutral leopard, neutral snakeskin)
  • A low-heel/wedge sandal 
Have you ever thought about making a mood board to further hone in on your personal style? While it sounds a bit odd, it really does work - it is, after all, why I started my tumblr, to keep track of things I liked on a personal level, and not just what I liked to look at or for design purposes (like the runway or more couture items).

Shopping happens in a few days - I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. You've acquired a chock-full closet of a hodge-podge of garments because YOU ARE A MAGPIE!! There are so many appealing temptations out there with stores, Lucky Magazine, and websites telling us to buy-buy-buy. The hard part is to be disciplined and to edit.

    I love your minimalist strategy!

    1. Hahaha I am a magpie!! I gotta make minimalism happen for me! :)


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