Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Abercrombie project round 2!

So Rachel, is this why you haven't posted in like, a month?


Abercrombie project number 2 - even though I have already worked there, I was required to do the project again. But now it is done! My interview is on Thursday. This quarter has been a little crazy so far - knitwear is a complicated technique to master on the machines, senior thesis is being thrown at us (as juniors I might add - due to the semester conversion) and lots of portfolio work have me pretty busy.

But at least this part is done!


  1. Good luck on your interview!!

  2. What a beautiful blog, I love to see artistic talent being showcased. Creativity and using your hands really does enrich your life wherever your vocation lies. I used to spend hours in my mum's workshop helping her with wedding dress orders and so I can sew pretty well now. Oddly I'm studying English Literature at uni now. Life works in funny ways :) Also, you are stunning! I've no doubt you will get snapped up when you graduate.
    Christobel x



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