Thursday, January 5, 2012

obsession : bracelets

I've always been a bracelet girl when it comes to jewelry.  I tend to regard my hair as an "accessory" - since it is curly, it kind of counts as a visual texture/element, or at least that's how my mind seems to work when I'm getting dressed in the morning.  I love earrings, but they get lost in my hair.  Necklaces blend in.  Bracelets I find absolutely fascinating.

Not only are wrists interesting and beautiful parts of the body, but once upon a time when modesty was more popular they were a slightly erotic zone, like ankles, peeking out of long hems of sleeves and skirts and showing a tiny bit of pale, untouched skin.

Since I got two new bracelets for Christmas, my obsession has grown.  Now I want every bracelet!  And I've noticed a lot of my recent inspiration from images I've pulled have been just that: outfit shots, zeroed in on bracelets.  So, I share.

Sources: various years-old folders and Tumblr


  1. Is this a typo? "Since I got two new bracelets for dinner..."

    But I agree. The wrist is a very beautiful part of the body, and those bracelets look amazing!!

  2. I love bracelets too! and I want to see a photo of your 2 new bracelets!

  3. HAHAHAHA that just made my day. Yes, major typo. Must have been hungry!! Should have said "Christmas" :) Thanks for the catch!

    And good plan :) I'll take pics of them some time!


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