Monday, January 16, 2012

CFDA updates

The project is almost complete!  Today I finished my last of the illustrations (I redid three, and within those three redesigned one).  I also finished the layouts for the flats and re-ordered the looks.  In total there are ten.

My next steps are to scan in those three redone illustrations, and start mounting the fabric swatches and assembling the final thing!  Pretty exciting.  I also need to figure out a title.

Why is that part always so hard?

In other news, I hopped on the Tumblr bandwagon and started one for my own personal styles.  In it I post photos of things that inspire me personally, for what I would like to wear/exude as a fashionable person.  It is helping me really nail down my own style - something that for everyone is much harder to do than we think.  Hopefully it can inspire you as well, and maybe you will make one yourself!  Right now I am trying to limit it to fashion-only photos (which is hard .. there are so many food photos and house photos and bunny photos I want to post).  But, the point is that when I'm feeling stumped I can click through it and be inspired again.  I think I may also do a weekly Tumblr post for the blog, like a "photos of the week" type thing.  We will see.

Hope everyone had a lovely three day weekend!  I was lazy, and it was great (besides doing three illustrations, so I guess that's not really lazy).

More to come soon.

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