Thursday, September 8, 2011

spring 2012 rtw favorites : part 1

Tomorrow the call time for The Row's presentation is 5:30 AM - as you can probably guess, I am not bothering trying to sleep until then because I one, won't be able to get up if I try to sleep now, and two, feel so wide awake because I am excited!  Show pictures should be up in the next few days on but until then, I've begun flipping through the most recent shows.  Here are my favorites thus far!

Kevork Kiledjian

 In love with the olive and magenta! 

 Kimberly Ovitz

 I'm sure it is no surprise about the left photo - reminds me of Josh Goot's painted fabrics or Christopher Kane's galaxy prints.  White is going to be very important - and the white dress on the right has beautiful detailing.

Gary Graham

 Inspired by vintage embroidered pillowcases.

Rachel Comey

 What a unique idea - sheer fabric printed with a cable knit pattern.

Sachin + Babi

 Beautiful column silhouette.


  1. Okay, The Row's collection is up on as of Saturday noon! So beautiful!!!! Please tell us which pieces you got to touch! I smiled when I read about the color palette: 'soft shades of mint and blush pink' -- you blogged about those colors months ago! I especially liked the drawstring pants and the prayer-shawl pieces.

    And the best quote: "The workmanship at The Row is exceptional...."

  2. I'm so glad I got to be a part of the workmanship!!! Blog post coming up!


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