Friday, August 12, 2011

CFDA competition finalist

Do you remember my post back in the spring about the CFDA vitaminwater "color collection" design competition?

I got a phone call today while at work that I am one of the 10 finalists!!

In 19 days, voting will open up on the vitaminwater Facebook page.  I'll post again to remind everyone when the voting is up - but dear readers and followers (that are on Facebook), if you would like to help out and vote for me it would be amazing!  The grand prize winner has their shirt produced along with the 6 other top designers' designs, and a $5,000 scholarship.

Since concentration was scarce today (big news is very distracting) I daydreamed a lot about what I would do with $5,000 dollars if I were gifted that opportunity. 

A Superior Model Form in a size 6 (best brand on the market); $525

This would definitely be the big thing.  And I think I'd stick the rest right into savings - and use it for my senior thesis collection fabric (which shouldn't put much of a dent in it at all), and then save the rest for starting up a line after I graduate.   This would be such an incredible start to a business - so often money is what holds a lot of designers back, or causes them to fail.

If you would like to support my dream, stay posted for when I announce the date that voting opens.  I'll include the link and it shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to help me out!

I am so excited!

However, whether I win the scholarship and design or not, all 10 finalists get to go to Fashion Week for a two-night stay in NYC with a friend (I'm bringing my mom!  It's gonna be an awesome few days!).  This will be unbelievably inspiring!!


  1. CONGRATS! I'm so happy for you and excitements like that don't come everyday. Just let it all out! I'll be voting for sureeeeee.

  2. YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember when you first posted your t-shirt design in May, I thought it was so outstanding, as a beautiful design on its own as well as a good visual of the Vitaminwater brand. Keep us posted on the details!!!!!!!!

  3. EEEKKK!!!! Rachel I'm so excited for you! Remind me and when it's time to vote I'll write a post about it.

    I'm moving onto another round to get a spot with Bloggers Wardrobe and it's a facebook voting thing too! Scary!

  4. WOOHOO! Congratulations Rachel that's AMAZING NEWS! I really hope you win, I'll definitely be voting for you! xx

  5. Fantastic blog.
    follow you.


  6. Wow, congrats!! Really happy for you pursuing your dreams - great to hear (or read!) :-)


  7. Wow, that sounds so awesome! I admire designers so much- there's just so much creativity and innovation that go into your works of art. Hope all goes well, fingers crossed!



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