Tuesday, July 19, 2011

solstiss lace samples

A week or so ago, I got the cool opportunity to attend a lace appointment to view the Solstiss lace collection.  Solstiss is a French company specializing in the most beautiful and unique laces I have ever seen - from geometric, art-deco inspired laces, to metallic or beaded laces in vibrant colors.  Their clients include Hermes, Collette Dinnigan, Oscar de la Renta ... and possibly now us!

The woman helping me, Fabienne (gorgeous French accent), was incredibly nice and showed me around the small space, going from section to section (metallic, new collection, bridal, trims, etcetera) and told me that if there were any I liked, I should set them on the table and she would order samples for me.  Now, these aren't the measly little swatches you usually get - these are 1' x 2' CHUNKS of fabric, stapled to a large card displaying the fiber content, mini swatches of all other colorways, and general order information.  I couldn't help myself, and they arrived in the mail today (free).

 See how big those swatches are?  That's a couch cushion behind them.
 I couldn't help but want this - the colors were too interesting.
 Silk laces feel unlike anything - they are soft and drape-able.

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  1. Incredible. Lace making is such an art and obviously worth the effort. Knitting wise I'm working on an easy scarf at the minute. I'm using one of those really useful wools which blend into different colours as you use more and more of the wool so as to avoid from having to change wools. So the scar goes from white to pale blue to a deeper to sea green and back to white. Hopefully it should be finished in the next week or so then I'll have to put a photo on the blog! xx


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