Sunday, July 17, 2011

food truck rally

Reason 1,457 why Park Slope is awesome: the Food Truck Rally!  It sounds exactly as it is called - the city's best food trucks gather at the corner of Prospect Park at Grand Army Plaza every third Sunday of the summer months. 

 Chicken pita souvlaki with tomato, onion, fries, and tzaziki
 Van Leeuwen's ice cream (famous for their herbal-inspired flavors)
Ginger ice cream
 We feel like cool New Yorkers now
 Walking through Park Slope on our way home
 And the one day I'm carrying my camera in my neighborhood, I forget to snap a picture of my apartment.  Sorry mom!!


  1. your stylish and hungry uncleJuly 17, 2011 at 4:04 PM

    I am very good at eating ice cream.

  2. That souvlaki looked awesome!!!

  3. It was so good! The chicken was perfect and so was the pita. And anything with tzatziki is yummy!

    I am also good at eating ice cream, and frozen yogurt, and any dessert for that matter.

  4. greek souvlaki is my fav food, since i'm from greece (lol)!!! I've given you a blog award!!:)


  5. such nice photos!!!!! and thanks for promoting Greece!!!!!!! :D


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