Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today Megan and I explored Mitsuwa, the "largest Japanese-themed mall in the US".  It is essentially a huge food marketplace, with restaurants inside, a book store, a make-up store (Shiseido), and a store for kitchen goods.  It was amazing!

 A cute house around the corner - we love the blue!

 Times Square

 View of the city from Mitsuwa (NJ)

 My lunch!  Beef with udon noodles, "brown bag" nijira, pickled ginger, and a green tea bubble tea.

A draping book I bought - comes with patterns and instructions (with tons of pictures to decode them)
 A pencil that conveniently has both a red and blue side - to use for draping markings!

 "Natural Lunch Time"?  For packing my lunches.

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  1. How cool! I'd never heard of this before :)


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