Monday, May 30, 2011

stylish blogger awards

A huge thanks to Julie Rose at Julie Rose Sews for the Stylish Blogger Award!  If you haven't checked out her site, it is very worth doing. 

How this works is you post 7 random facts about yourself, then pass the award onto 5 other bloggers who do the same!  So away we go.  I'll try to think of some things people don't already know.

1. I love the smell of sunscreen, because it reminds me of summer that much.
2. My new favorite colors are slowly becoming orange and purple. 
3. Linguistics utterly fascinates me.  Not only the etymology of words but the actual formations of words in your mouth when you say them as well.  Google it.  The names for different parts of the words are fabulous (dipthong, for example). 
4. Christopher Kane and Josh Goot are beginning to take their places at the top of my favorite designers list.  Kane's galaxy print fabrics and Goot's abstract painted prints are what won me over completely.
5.  I have to write everything down.  I also have to set alarms on my phone to remember to read the things I write down.  Without these things, I would live an "ignorance is bliss" life and forget to do anything.
6.  I finally have a new deviantART account! 
7.  This summer, I plan to teach myself how to use flash in hopes that I can better redesign my website.  So updates on that soon!

The 5 bloggers that you should add immediately:

Natalie Brooke
Kristin Hardgrove
Lauren Kolodny & Erica Chan Coffman
Leandra Medine

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  1. I loved these things well jst check colors on my blog


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