Monday, May 2, 2011

royal wedding : best dressed

 Besides the bride, of course, Samantha Cameron's dress (and accessories) really took the stage.  Her pleated silk-crepe Burberry Prorsum dress ($850 at Net-a-Porter) was striking against her coral and orange accessories and nude shoes.

Aren't those colors just wonderful?  Good job!

But I can't talk about the best dressed without including Kate and Pippa.

I adore this look almost as much as the wedding gown, due to the belt and fur.  AND HER WAIST.

The sapphire ring, lined with diamonds, reminds me of the Titanic necklace.  In the best of ways!
Closer view of Pippa's dress (how interesting she chose white) - looking like teeny covered button loops adorning the garment edges.
She is just too cute.  

Source: Getty Images


  1. I loved both of Kate's dresses and Pippa's blue Zara blazer. Samantha Cameron looked good, but it was a big faux pas by her not to wear a hat or a fasinator!

  2. Haha it's interesting of you to say so! I'm actually glad she didn't, she looked so much ... more modern and less silly. Idk, half the women who had something on their heads got it wrong, half got it right.


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