Tuesday, May 17, 2011

on my wish list 5/17

Since I can't really move much, I'm sitting on my bed with my laptop wondering what I can do.  I might as well share some of the things I'm currently obsessed with (since a lot of bloggers do this) because the least I can do is move my fingers and type!

Gorgeous and intriguing draping done in an interesting print; Alpha 60 Vivienne dress, $280,00

The perfect bright pink for Spring; NARS Pure Matte lipstick in "Carthage", $25,00

The shoes I'll have my models in for the body wear critique, amazingly identical to those in my sketch; Gabriella Rocha Demetria, $60,00

Extra points if you can name what show probably inspired this dress design; ASOS Variegated Stripe Frill Hem Dress, $55,40

I would make leggings out of this fabric; Spandex World Inc. tie dye mesh, $8,00 a yard

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