Tuesday, May 31, 2011

obsession : fruit prints

Possibly the most-talked-about print of the spring season was Prada's ridiculous and wonderful banana print (well, the whole show was perfection in my opinion, but that's me). 

 Perfectly bold and graphic.  Had then been smaller, it might have looked garish.  

Stella McCartney was on the same brainwave - bright, punchy, and totally different.

Very contrasting to Miuccia's print - photographic and realistic, and with a computer-graphic type symmetry.

That last print hasn't left my mind since I first saw it.  At the fabric store today, I was browsing the clearance section after having picked up a mint georgette for my draping final (think sheer, gathers, column shape - pics soon).  I stopped mid-step when I saw an outlandish white fabric with a lemon and lime print.  Are these going to become shorts?  What else would they be.

That is exactly the fabric right there.  High-waisted shorts with no waistband; invisible side zipper, darts in front and back, no cuffs.  Just totally clean.  Can you picture this with a sheer white jersey tank?  Summer heaven. 

Just for a little fun:

Great minds think alike - top from Zara.


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  2. That fabric looks great, it will make an amazing pair of shorts! I just bought some fruit print fabric, it's lovely, hopefully I will make it into a dress :)

    Just found your blog on IFB, it looks great :) following you now!


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