Thursday, May 19, 2011

geometric draping project

I loved this assignment - use fabric starting as a geometric shape (I chose a pentagon) and drape a garment using three seams or less.  The fabric may be cut into in any way, as long as it is not a seam (hems, neck holes and armscyes, etcetera do not count as seams - however pleats and pintucks would).

I used three seams total - the center back seam, the seam attaching the halter neck back to the top of the center back, and the inch-long center front area at the base of the deep v-neck.  Does this color remind you of scrubs?  I have a minty green jersey at home that I might try to make this out of - it would drape so nicely.  The material I used here is a woven crepe-back satin. 

In a perfect world, that center front crease would be pressed out. 

Anyone in the mood for a little humor? 

No, those aren't tan lines - that is my chest being squished unnaturally upwards.

Overall the critique went great - George had some suggestions for better cups next time (tighter directly under the bust, a slightly looser cup so it doesn't "squish" as tightly, padding in the outside corners of the cups rather than the bottoms).  It was really fun to see everyone in theirs - the styles were of such a variety and everyone looked so (uncomfortably) killer when George tightened the laces of our waists even more!

If I could change anything about my corset, it would be that I took out more width in the waist area rather than all over - I did not take anything out of my corset.  George advised us to take out 2" as that is the standard minimum measurement subtraction for corsetry but mentioned those of us "built without flesh" wouldn't experience much of a change with it and that we could leave our patterns as-is if we preferred.  I figured it would just get too uncomfortable with that many inches taken out so I left it.  But, I could have achieved more of an hourglass figure with an inch or so taken out of the waistline.  But I am so glad I know how to make a corset now!

Sewing up some of the body wear pieces tonight!

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