Wednesday, April 20, 2011

obsession : jil sander floral gown

I know, I posted earlier about my obsession with micro florals.  Maybe I should just say I love florals in general.  But prints are really important this season.  And macro florals look amazing in super saturated tones, unlike the more neutral tones found in many micros.  On that note, I haven't been able to stop thinking about this dress from the Jil Sander Spring 2011 RTW show ... I even tried to watercolor the print today.

Photo by Garance Doré

Never realized this dress was one-shouldered, or had such an amazing sleeve (though I still want to see more views of it!) - also, isn't that lipstick perfect?

A tank version of the dress (perhaps what is under the jacket?  Though the one-shoulder version wasn't on the runway) is sold for $2,885.  The outer fabric and lining are both silk.  A shorter version sells for $2,445.  A single fold in the front of the two tank versions "cuts" the floral and adds an interesting vertical interruption; a pleat details the back.

The colors are beyond amazing - saturated, bright, a little surreal.  Placements of photorealistic flowers are truly interesting - notice how some flowers are "half" another, or stop down the middle and become a different color.  

"The Dress" in Vogue Paris March 2011

From WSJ March 2011

Another swatch of the fabric - I just love the slash of real and surreal

On the cover of Elle Czech May 2011

Helen Seamons' shoot for the Observer on Sunday

Marie Claire France

Can you tell I'm obsessed?  Now, why do I think this dress is so great, you may ask?  Because it is impeccable in every aspect - the silhouette is minimal, the length is dramatic and new, each iteration is as exciting as the next (sleeves, no sleeves, long, short), and the fabric really seals the deal.  Nothing is more precious than a designer's custom print - and nothing is more meant to fill a blank canvas of a simple gown than one like this.

If anyone would like to buy me this dress, it would be greatly appreciated.  Or even the envelope clutch.  Haha but who am I kidding - way beyond anyone's price range.  I am on the hunt already for a fabric somewhat like this - doubtful I'll find one perfect enough, but I do know of a website that allows you to print your own ... good use for those swatches, huh?

Getting tired of it yet?  I'm not.


  1. I'm not that into patterns, but I really like the shape of the tank dress version on the runway

  2. I do too. It's just so simple and perfect. I'm not into patterns much either but this one just got me haha.

  3. When I think of Jil Sander I usually think of streamlined, severe shapes in solid colors, not billowing florals. Just shows what I know ...

  4. Check out the rest of the collection though (Spring 2011), cause you are still right. The rest of the pieces are very column-like in silhouette, in big blocks of saturated color. "Severe shapes" is a very good description.


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