Friday, April 15, 2011

check this out : the IOU project

I got an email a few days ago about the IOU project - a short introductory video that explains a very unique and innovative design concept that I can't wait to see unfold.  I encourage you to watch it (and notice how cool their logo is, haha). 

In a world where machines are replacing us in the fashion industry, this is just what we need.  Think about it - I was once told by a teacher that if you want to earn good money in the fashion industry, don't be a designer.  Be a pattern maker.  It is such a rare job now-a-days that designers will practically let you name your price if you will pattern draft for them.  Since most companies use software to produce patterns now, the old fashioned art of hand-drafting a garment pattern is slowly dying.  So are couture techniques: no one wants to pay for a handmade piece anymore.  Instead, we shop at Forever 21 and pay $5,80 for a t-shirt that falls apart (not hating, as half my closet is from this store.  But just saying, it's true).  The art has just been lost.

Since "moving backwards" has been a trend, it's interesting to see where this affects us - we've already seen it in the "urban farmer" trend, and here it is in fashion, a step further, in where our textiles are produced and then used. 

Just something to think about!  Hope everyone is having a good weekend, I'm running my 5k tomorrow and am rather busy (and sick at the moment) but thought I'd make a short post while I had some time.

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