Sunday, March 6, 2011

outfits of the week, 3/6

I know, I failed at doing my little week summary on Saturday! I had a busy weekend so words were hard to come by. But, pictures are worth 1000x that!

Varying shades of pale nudes are just beautiful; a perfectly disheveled dress with an unexpected belt

I love that paper bag shorts are back - and the pink is fabulous with the stripes; it's all about what's around the dress in this one: purple socks, a perfectly matched trench



  1. Thank you so much for your comment Rachel it was really lovely to receive! I really do try to pioneer uniqueness and show people that you can create a great outfit costing hardly anything if you take the time to look for specific items and don't just go into one designer shop and come out again with a full outfit.

    My favourite look here is the black and white stripy shorts with the pink top - who knew?! Really practical for the Spring/Summer but tres chic too!

    Alexandra Thérèse xx

  2. That's my favorite too! For the longest time I've been in the mindset that longer shorts can't be cute, but I'm so wrong. (Will I ever stop wearing short-shorts? No. But will I buy some longer ones for this spring? Yes I think so!!)

  3. love love love love nudes, stone cold fox makes a dress called the dermis dress, and it sounds disgusting, but is seriously wonderful to look at. And yes, that trench coat is almost suspiciously precise on the matching, hmmmm....

  4. I love nudes too. I used to hate being so pale but now it's fun to wear matching colors to my skin. AND OHMYGOD I just googled that dress and I want it so bad! Though I could make it prolly haha but I'm lazy. I love the longer hem in the back. Beautiful!


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