Tuesday, March 22, 2011

obsession : micro-florals

At the mall yesterday, I noticed a growing trend getting more and more prominent in unexpected places: micro-florals, which are, simply as the name explains, tiny floral prints.  Typically these prints are found on cotton skirts and dresses, but it was hard to miss the few pairs of pastel skinny jeans bearing tightly clustered flowers and even the never-to-be-seen floral prints on underwear.

A little bit country, these prints are growing to be a hipster staple in the forms of printed and cuffed denim shorts, bustier dresses, and printed leggings or tights.  Wearing this trend is simple - it looks amazing with white.  However for the more daring, pick out a color in the print - either the background, or even the "pop" color, and work with that.  The most daring girl, however, would pair a micro-floral with a larger or oversize-floral print of the same color palette (or not, even!) or something more graphic to keep the look from going overly girly.

Examples of micro-floral prints at Rebecca Taylor and Donna Karan respectively, both Spring 2011 RTW

And onto the real girls, and some printed jeans, of course.

I can see a pair of micro-floral shorts sewing their way into my near future.  I'm not daring though - I'd stick with the white tank.

And I promise the fashionable real-people of the world are not all Asian.  It just so happens to be that they are.  Or so it seems, from the photos I post.


  1. Love the third picture, I've always liked the look of a blazer belted in over a dress, will have to get around to actually buying one before Summer! I think that floral prints are very versatile but I'll be staying more on the side of the dresses - not ready for any printed leggings yet!

  2. went to look for black shorts the other day, found none in a fabric not denim, caved and bought floral shorts (I could never do floral denim though), and realised it was probably one of my best decisions that day.

  3. I want some floral shorts so bad. Where did you find them?

    And agreed on the leggings, but I do for reals want a little floral floaty summer dress, bad. And I have 2 blazers I've worn probably twice each! I need to work on that!


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