Sunday, February 27, 2011

to share, issue #003

Wow, I haven't been good about posting this week - sorry guys! Busy busy.

To show you: John Galliano has been suspended from Dior! And who is going to design for the Dior House now?

To tell you: I am sprouting lentils right now! You can learn how to do it here, and it is super easy. Mine will probably be done tomorrow. I'm going to toss them with sprouted quinoa and a peanut dressing.

To acquaint you: I have just applied for a job at Reebok! I had to design an outfit for them and submit it online. Reebok has always been about a fusion between all-American design and individuality - it's more about the athlete than the clothes, but the clothes need to enhance the athlete wearing them. Here is my design:

Please ignore that the logos are different sizes - they aren't like this in real life

I only had about a week for this project, so it isn't as great as it could have been. But, my foot is in the door. My inspiration was the balloon. The design features a light gray polyester-elastane shirt with a gathered hem and built-in black sports bra that is visible through a circular opening in the back. The shorts are highlighter yellow spandex with a thick waistband, gathered side seams with toggles, and built-in black compression shorts. I would totally wear this to the gym - body wear has been on my mind lately since my 5k is coming up! I want to get myself a cute workout top as motivation for the run.

On another note, Nathalia, I have finished the mock-up for the foundation of your dress (the strapless part that will go underneath the twisted bodice part). Working on the twist now (which my cotton muslin doesn't want to do!) So the muslin may be purple and white - I have purple chiffon I can use for the drape.

I hope everybody had a good weekend!


  1. Wow I wish I could draw like you! Love the design - I would definitely wear both the shorts and the top. The racer back of the top is a great idea and I love the brightness of the yellow shorts. Fingers crossed you get the job!

    Alexandra Thérèse xx

  2. Aww thank you! (I may try to make them for fun, haha!) I have my fingers crossed too!!

  3. I like that your croquis is more muscular for this project!

    Galliano however... DIOR is my FAVORITE!!!! How could he be so ignorant?!


    And I tried REAL hard to tone them up haha!

  5. I agree with Dior on suspending Galliano, its really sad, especially with the new video that came out and him drunkenly slurring, he needs to get help.


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