Wednesday, September 22, 2010

trend : modern white

Another trend this spring is white - head to toe. While it seems that this could be very plain, the overall effect is very, very modern - and opens a door for new textures, interesting silhouettes, or complex layering.

Acne shows how white can be multidimensional with sheers, layering pieces, and interesting textural detail. The clear shoes are also beyond cool - and a further nod to minimalism, catch the bare faces!

White feels elegant at Erin Fetherston with minimalistic yet feminine detail.

Doo.Ri plays makes volume look completely new by sticking to a head to toe white palette.

I'm having a hard time finding examples of this to show how to make it work runway-to-reality because, the truth is, it is a difficult look to pull off. So much of the fashion world relies on the head-to-toe black look that white feels like a risk - you are ten times as likely to be noticed. The trick is also in the pieces you wear - the trend really isn't about wearing just a single white dress, but about wearing white pants with a white blouse with a white jacket. An easy way to start (and you can get some examples of this clicking through the rest of the Doo.Ri show, and many others that did all white looks) is by mixing white with nudes. Try white pants, a nude blouse, and a white jacket, or any other combination. The result is something a little softer but still close to home. For the ultimate minimalist, keep accessories neutral as well, sticking to nude shoes or clear plastic accents. But if you want the opposite effect, a bold accent color is always a fun way to go!


  1. mmm you should look at hakaan ss11 :]

    i like how pale the faces are for the doo.ri show

  2. Oh my goodness, I just checked it out. I may have to add that one to my top 5 list. Everything is so right!!

    And I agree on the white faces with Doo.Ri - with that much white, anything harsh would feel inappropriate. And somehow no one else has done a pale face yet!


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