Saturday, September 18, 2010

spray-on fabric

Ok, I was going to be done for the day and then I saw this:

Spray-on clothing. Developed by Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres, he has found a way to cross-link fibers of plastic and cotton so that they can be sprayed, in color, directly onto the body. Once the fibers have met with air, they harden into a fabric. The result is a very cobweb-like, delicate material that you can wear again, or dissolve back into a spray and recreate. Interesting, no?

It brings some interesting ideas to the table. For example, it puts new meaning to recycling clothing - rather than giving it away to someone or repurposing it into something new, you literally break it down and start again, sort of like unraveling a knitted sweater and making a hat out of it instead (something I did this summer). It also has the possibility to be repaired - you wear it a bunch of times, a hole develops, and you grab a bottle of spray-on fabric and the hole is now gone. While the technology to repair a hole in pre-made (or, not sprayed on) fabrics doesn't exist yet, it certainly opens the door to that being a possibility in the future. Check out the site here for more information and some videos of the process being done!

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  1. find this stuff quite fascinating. havn't seen anything about it much in Canada.. want to get my hands on some to make wild costumes.


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