Saturday, August 28, 2010

obsession : transitional sweaters

I'm pretty much all about sweaters for fall, but it's the transitional sweaters that are so hard to figure out. They seem like impractical things when you find them in the store, and then you realize they'd be perfect for when it's too cool to wear a light tee but too warm to wear a full-on winter sweater.

I've been obsessed with this sweater ever since it was posted in the "most wanted" section on Vogue a week or so ago. Everything about it is perfect: the turtleneck isn't stifling in the least; rather, it is much more like a cowl. The shape of the sleeves, a little bit dolman-meets-t-shirt, are wide enough for layering or just that cool, casual look. And I am in love with the color completely. Unfortunately, camel isn't a color I can wear - I am a little pale for it. But I suppose if I were to accessorize it right it could work out - skinny black pants a la riding trousers, tall black or caramel boots with a heel, and a chunky chain bracelet (since it's not every day you can wear a bracelet with a sweater, but here you can) seem perfect. This sweater is also spot-on transitional. I want it.

Fortunately, I knit. And I knit rather well.


  1. GURL why didn't you tell me that you had a blog! It is awesome! I jus5t found it so Im going to go to the beginning and read it. But keep up the good work!

  2. GURL why didn't you tell me you had one too! And thanks so much! You can be my first follower and commenter :)


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